Stern tube seal service for Kobelco & Kemel systems

RM Propulsion’s service engineers have many years of experience in working with Kobelco or Kemel stern tube seal systems, and carry out routine maintenance and overhauling, emergency repairs, and replacements for Kobelco or Kemel systems.

We will be happy to offer you free advice on any questions or concerns you might have about your system.

Our services for Kobelco or Kemel stern tube seal comes with a one-year warranty.

Ocean Seal® compatible stern tube seals.

If your repair or overhaul requires spare parts, our Ocean® stern tube seal spare parts, are fully compatible with a range of Kobelco or Kemel products:

  • Kobelco Compact seal types:
  • Kobelco AX stern tube seals
  • Kobelco DX stern tube seals
  • Kobelco CX stern tube seals
  • Kobelco C   stern tube seals
  • More about our own compatible Ocean Seals Click here.

Kobelco & Kemel

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the company that would later become Kemel was founded in October, 1964. Kobelco Marine first started producing stern tube seals in 1966, and developed their expertise in this area over several decades. In parallel, Eagle Industry also produced and delivered stern tube seals to the marine industry as of 1968.

In 2004, the compatible marine businesses of Eagle and Kobelco integrated, forming Kobelco Eagle Marine, which changed its name to Kemel six years later. In 2012, the company was fully acquired by Eagle.

Kemel Kobelco Eagle Marine

Specialising in stern tube seal systems, the company continues to provide expert service, stern tube seals and other spare parts with a focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. Kemel prioritises high-quality design and manufacturing, not only for their customers, but also to minimise their impact on the environment.

This approach has won Kemel a loyal and growing customer base within the marine industry, as environmental goals become increasingly key for many of their customers and partners.