Severe damage on a stern tube seal AFT housing

Stainless steel wire wrapped around the stern tube seal AFT housing. (Auch, it was their own hoisting cable from the AFT crane on the vessel).

The Captain and Chief engineer didn’t think much of it. The vessel sailed from Florida to Panama and there they realize they might have an issue at hand. They had some leakage on the AFT stern tube seals.

In the video, you can see what the divers found after cutting loose the stainless-steel wire.
The AFT seal housing definitely suffered severe damage.

The dry dock in Panama was not big enough for the vessel in case. What to do now?
After multiple phone calls and tapping into RM Propulsions knowledge, a local dive company in Panama managed to do an emergency repair that made it possible for the vessel to sail across the Pacific, to their port of destination, and finally to a dry dock in Asia to get the AFT seal housing renewed.

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Servere damage AFT seal housing

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