Service for Schottel thrusters

Our many years of experience makes RM Propulsion your trusted partner for spare parts, repairs and maintenance of your Schottel propulsion system.

From your free consultation to the supply of spares and a complete overhaul, we support Schottel thrusters, controllable-pitch propellers and more.


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Also we supply a range of compatible Schottel thruster spare parts such as:

  • Schottel STT 170 thruster
  • Schottel STT 002FP thruster
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In 1921, Josef Becker of Niederspay, Germany, set up his own business at the age of 24. More than 100 years later, Josef’s aptitude for engineering and innovation is still reflected in the company that grew out of his efforts: Schottel, makers of the largest range of propulsion and control systems on the maritime market.

Schottel thrusters are part of this broad portfolio, and are manufactured in the company’s own factories thanks to Schottel’s dedication to quality. With solutions covering a huge power range from 50 to 30,000 kilowatts, Schottel azimuth thrusters, transverse thrusters, range of propellers and automation systems combine intelligent design with conscious production standards.

Schottel produces propulsion systems and solutions for a wide variety of vessel types, from tugs and fishing vessels to ferries, dredgers, yachts and research vessels. Solutions can be included in new builds or fitted as part of a conversion.

As a major supplier and service provider to the maritime industry, Schottel is mindful of the environmental impact of its work. As a company, it is committed to sustainability across its business, and this forward-looking approach will see Schottel maintain its place as an industry leader in the years to come.