Propulsion service for Berg & spare parts

RM Propulsion can provide servicing and spare parts for Berg Propulsion systems. We can advise you on technical questions, offer repairs, and provide spare parts for your Berg thrusters.

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Thruster spare parts for your Berg Propulsion systems

We supply all common Thruster spare parts for your Berg propulsion system such ass:

  • Berg BCP 950
  • Berg BCP 850 HDX
  • Berg BCP 1140 HDX-500
  • Berg BTT 211
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In addition to our spare parts for your Berg thrusters, our propulsion technicians are highly skilled at servicing your Berg Propulsion systems. Contact us for Berg propulsion support.

Berg Propulsion

A Swedish company, Berg Propulsion was founded in 1912 as a designer and manufacturer of a variety of marine propellers, thrusters and manoeuvring systems. Headquartered in Gothenburg, they also have offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Singapore, and Dubai.

Berg Propulsion is especially known as a leading manufacturer of controllable-pitch propellers. The company offers customers a customisable and integrated solution for their propulsion system, taking into account the individual design and specifications of the vessel and working in close collaboration with their customers.

Berg Propulsion systems are designed and built with a focus on durability and sustainability, using data-driven expertise to maximise vessel efficiency and minimise environmental footprint. They are also created with a focus on simplicity to enable easy installation and maintenance, thanks to the systems’ integrated functionality and Berg Propulsion’s many years of experience.

Berg Propulsion’s holistic approach to propulsion systems and emphasis on customer needs has made it a popular and trusted partner for many in the marine industry.