Propulsion service for Wärtsilä & Lips systems

From supplying spare parts to emergency repairs, full system overhauls and maintenance, RM Propulsion are your partners in maintaining your Wärtsilä propulsion systems.

We have many years of experience in working with Wärtsilä thrusters and all common propulsion systems – and we know most manuals by heart, so reach out today with any questions for a free consultation.

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Compatible Wärtsilä Propulsion spare parts

Also we supply a range of compatible thruster spare parts for your Wärtsilä propulsion system such as:

  • Wärtsilä CT 125 thruster
  • Wärtsilä CT 150 thruster
  • Wärtsilä CT 175 thruster
  • Wärtsilä CT 225 thruster
  • Wärtsilä CT 275 thruster
  • Wärtsilä FT 125 thruster
  • Wärtsilä FT 150 thruster
  • Wärtsilä FT 175 thruster
  • Wärtsilä FT 225 thruster
  • Wärtsilä FT 275 thruster

Aside from our thrusters parts for your Wärtsila propulsion systems, our propulsion technicians are at the ready to install them for you. You can count on our comprehensive technical background to know your Wärtsila propulsion systems like the back of our hand.

Feel free to contact us for more information on our range of thruster spare parts.



Wärtsilä has existed since its foundation in 1834 in Tohmajärvi, Finland, and pivoted from ironworks to making diesel engines in 1942. Now headquartered in Helsinki, the company is continuing this long history of engineering innovation by creating a wide range of technical solutions across the marine and energy segments.

Wärtsilä marine propulsion

Wärtsilä propulsion solutions include control systems, gears and transmission, waterjets, propellers, and the well-known Wärtsilä thrusters that have been market leaders for over 40 years. These deliver high performance for vessels scaling from merchant, offshore and cruise to tugs and fishing boats.


With a strong focus on environmental impact and decarbonisation, Wärtsilä is building on its long history to help create a more responsible and sustainable future. Part of this comes from maximising the efficiency of vessel steering and propulsion to minimise energy consumption – which Wärtsilä thrusters achieve through careful data-driven design.

From its well-deserved standpoint as an industry leader, Wärtsilä propulsion systems enable the company to make a genuine contribution to the wider maritime industry and shape its future for generations to come.