We offer a range of propulsion thruster spare parts as part of our overall propulsion services, compatible with most bow, stern, and azimuth thruster systems. These may be included in your quotation unless you have your own spares to use already. We always begin with a free consultation, offering you advice to make sure you can make an educated decision on what you need.

Our thruster spare parts

RM Propulsion offers thruster spare parts for bow, stern, and azimuth applications, as well as CPP and FPP systems.

Thruster spare parts compatible with your system; Brand and type-specific kits with everything you need for a full overhaul, including:


  • OEM Bearings
  • Shaft seals
  • Gaskets
  • Shims
  • O-Rings

Thruster spare part compatibility

We carry propulsion spare parts for systems from a wide range of manufacturers:

What are thrusters?

‘Thruster’ is a broad term for any device fitted to your ship that provides hydrodynamic thrust. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and formats, but they generally consist of a propeller (or impeller) inside a duct or casing that directs water flow. They can serve two purposes: propulsion or manoeuvring of the ship.

Bow and stern thrusters are generally for manoeuvring the ship, while azimuth thrusters are usually used for propulsion and offer manoeuvrability as an added benefit. Controlled-pitch propellers (CPP) and fixed-pitch propellers (FPP) are also included in our propulsion services.