Service for Brunvoll thrusters & spare parts

RM Propulsion offers full support for Brunvoll propulsion systems, from repairs and spare parts to servicing and maintenance. We can provide advice on any questions you may have about Brunvoll thrusters, including Brunvoll azimuth thrusters and tunnel thrusters.

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Thruster spare parts

Also we supply a range of compatible thruster spare parts for your Brunvoll thrusters such as:

  • Brunvoll FU 63 thrusters
  • Brunvoll FU 80 thrusters
  • Brunvoll FU 100 thrusters

In parallel with our spare parts for your Brunvoll thrusters, our propulsion technicians are always prepared to install them for you. You can depend on our technical experience and knowledge to know your Brunvoll Bow thrusters, Tunnel thrusters and Azimuth thrusters systems through and through. Contact us for more info about our spare parts range.


Founded in 1912 by Norwegian brothers Andreas and Anders Brunvoll, the company started out manufacturing engines and controllable-pitch propellers for fishing vessels. A third brother, Arthur, joined the family business in 1918 – just as Brunvoll moved to the city and bought a new factory. The company remains based in Norway to this day.

Since its early beginnings, the company has continued to build on its legacy of innovation and technological expertise. Brunvoll designs and manufactures a wide range of propulsion systems, propellers, tunnel thrusters, azimuth thrusters (both for propulsion and manoeuvring), and more.

Brunvoll Thrusters

The company still services the fishing industry and aquaculture, but has expanded to include the cruise and yacht segment, naval vessels, ferries, shuttle tankers, and even offshore vessels operating under very demanding conditions.

Brunvoll thrusters are trusted and well-recognised in the marine industry, and the company also offers a range of services, including crew training and custom upgrading or retrofitting to repurpose vessels. An emphasis on customer service and wide product range has earnt Brunvoll its reputation as an industry leader.