Servicing Wärtsilä stern tube seal systems

RM Propulsion offers a full range of services for Wärtsilä stern tube seal systems, from emergency repairs to full overhauls and maintenance or replacements. We have many years’ experience in servicing Wärtsilä stern tube seal systems – so, if you have any questions or concerns about your stern tube seal system, our free advice is only a phone call away.


Our servicing for Wärtsilä stern tube seals comes with a one-year warranty.

Ocean Seal®, compatible stern tube seals for Wärtsilä

If your repair or overhaul requires spare parts, our Ocean Seal® stern tube seal spare parts are fully compatible with a range of Wärtsilä products.


Stern tube seal types:

  • Wärtsilä OLS 4 seals
  • Wärtsilä OLS 3 seals
  • Wärtsilä OLS 2 seals
  • Wärtsilä MK2 seals
  • Wärtsilä Air seals

Additionally, Ocean Seal® parts are compatible with the following Wärtsilä- owned branded stern tube seals:

  • Lips® MK-2
  • John Crane® MK-2
  • Waukesha® MK-2
  • Chuetsu® MK-2
  • Dover Japan® MK-2
  • JMT (Japan Marine Technology)® MK-2
  • Deep-Sea Seals® MK-2
  • More about our own compatible Ocean® Seals Click here.


A company with a long history in engineering and manufacturing innovation, Wärtsilä was founded in 1834 in Tohmajärvi, Finland. By 1942, the company had pivoted from ironworks to making diesel engines. Now headquartered in Helsinki, the company provides a wide range of technical solutions across the marine and energy segments.

Wärtsilä stern tube seals

Wärtsilä oil-lubricated stern tube seal products focus on minimising environmental impact, with the long-term goal of creating a more responsible and sustainable future.

Wärtsilä makes anti-pollution measures a priority in their stern tube seals, thanks to high-performance design and lip-type seals, while always maintaining cost-effectiveness and performance for the customer.

From its well-deserved standpoint as an industry leader, Wärtsilä propulsion systems enable the company to make a genuine contribution to the wider maritime industry and shape its future for generations to come.