Stern tube seal services

RM Propulsion provides comprehensive stern tube seal overhaul, repair, and troubleshooting services for your vessel. This stern tube seal replacement has to be done at least every five years, although we’re always ready to help with emergency repairs too.

We always begin with a free consultation, offering you advice to make sure you can make an educated decision on what you need.

Our service technicians can service all common brands including: Simplex®, Kobelco®, Kemel®, Lagersmit® and Wärtsilä®.

Local service engineers

We have local service engineers stationed in Turkey, Estonia, China and the Netherlands.

Furthermore, our service engineers can come to you wherever you are in the world. Learn more about our stern tube seal services further down this page.

Routine overhaul and stern tube seal maintenance. Our process includes:

Need emergency repairs?

Troubleshooting stern tube seals

Depending on your situation, we can carry out a service job either in the shipyard or afloat. If you’re concerned about:

Our aim is always to keep your vessel running and minimise downtime.

For urgent matters & troubleshooting please contact us now. We will contact you soonest by email or phone.