Service for Niigata thrusters

RM Propulsion can offer you advice, emergency repairs, spare parts, and routine maintenance for your Niigata Propulsion system – our free and transparent consultation is only a phone call away.

We can provide advice on any questions you may have about your Niigata Z- Peller Azimuth thruster.

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Creators of the first industrial diesel engine in Japan in 1919, Niigata Propulsion was founded in 1910 and quickly became known as engineering experts. In the early 2000s, Niigata expanded their operations to include engines for marine vessels, which are now the company’s main focus.

As part of a wide range of engines and systems, Niigata thrusters include the well-known Z-Peller Azimuth Thruster, their own original design which is exclusively manufactured by Niigata themselves. Niigata thrusters are often in high demand across the shipping and marine industries, thanks to the company’s well-rounded design philosophy and focus on efficiency and economical power.

Niigata operate several plants worldwide and are well-positioned to maintain their reputation as a leading innovator in marine propulsion technology.