Stern tube seal service for SKF Simplex systems

Our dedicated service engineers can offer overhauling and routine stern tube seal maintenance, emergency repairs, and replacements for SKF Simplex® systems.


In addition, our free advice and consultation is always available for any questions you may want to ask about your stern tube seal system. We have many years of experience in servicing SKF Simplex stern tube seal systems, and we know the manual by heart!


Our service for Simplex® stern tube seals comes with a one-year warranty.

Ocean Seal® compatible stern tube seals for SKF Simplex

Our Ocean Seal® stern tube seals are compatible with the following SKF Simplex® products:


  • Simplex compact stern tube seals
  • Simplex SC1 stern tube seals
  • Simplex SC2 stern tube seals

In combination with our compatible spare parts for your Simplex stern tube sealing system, our service technicians are always ready to install Simplex stern tube seals for you. You can be certain of our technical experience and knowledge, we are very familiar with your Simplex stern tube seal systems. More about our own compatible Ocean Seals Click here.

SKF Marine

SKF is the world’s largest manufacturer of bearings, supplying specialist technical parts to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and industrial operations in almost every major industry. SKF products can be found in applications from the marine industry to aerospace and agriculture.

Simplex® stern tube seal brand

Founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1907, SKF is one of the largest public companies in the world. Its marine products are owned by the SKF Marine company and its well-known Simplex® brand, which produced its first stern tube seal in 1948.

This was the first stern tube lip seal for oil-lubricated systems, and is still in circulation to this day. Since then, SKF has spent its more than 70 years of marine industry experience in refining its products and continuing to innovate in its bearings, stern tube seals, and full stern tube systems.

SKF Marine’s product portfolio includes other specialist solutions and services, including couplings, lubrication systems, and environmental monitoring systems.

SKF’s deep expertise in the development and manufacture of seals and other technical parts makes their Simplex® brand a trusted name for many in the marine industry.