Propulsion Thruster service

RM Propulsion provides comprehensive propulsion thruster service,  overhaul, repair, and troubleshooting services for your vessel’s thrusters. We always begin with a free consultation, offering you advice to make sure you can make an educated decision on what you need.

Our Propulsion engineers are specialists in all propulsion services and very familiar with all makes and types of Bow Thrusters, Stern Thruster and Azimuth Thrusters.

What’s more, our propulsion service engineers can come to you wherever you are in the world.

Thruster service for all major brands:

Thruster service

Our propulsion engineers have many years of experience with the various well-known brands and types of thrusters. The bow thruster, azipull thruster, swing- up azimuth thruster, retractable thruster, tunnel thrusters etc.

Aquamaster®, Berg®, Brunvoll®, Jastram®, Kamewa®, Kamome®, Kawasaki®,  Kongsberg®, Liaan®, Lips®, MAN®, Nakashima®, Rolls-Royce®, Schottel®, Ulstein®, Wärtsilä® etc.

Thruster spare parts

Additionally, we can help you with a range of thruster spare parts. For more information about our thruster spare parts please visit our Thruster spare parts page. Or if you are looking for a particular brand of thruster spare parts you can find them under our support range pages arranged by brand.

Propulsion service troubleshooting

Need emergency repairs? Depending on your situation, we can carry out a propulsion service job either in the shipyard or afloat.

If you need troubleshooting or inspection for your bow, stern, or azimuth thrusters, contact us now  for a free consultation.

Propulsion service Bow Thrusters, Stern Thrusters & Azimuth Thrusters

Why Thrusters need maintenance

The thrusters on your vessel need overhauling every 5-10 years to make sure everything is working correctly and to avoid problems while at sea.

Ropes and nets can accidentally damage thrusters, resulting in water ingress or oil leaks.

Any damage to the propellors can also cause internal damage to bearings, gears, or shafts.

Even without damage, over time the aggregation of water in the oil can cause corrosion on bearings and gears – and all seals inevitably age, which will affect their performance.