Propulsion service for Kamome

At RM Propulsion, we offer spare parts, full servicing and maintenance for your vessel’s Kamome thrusters. Our propulsion engineers have extensive experience with Kamome thrusters. We can advise you on any technical issues and provide emergency repairs.

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Originating in Tokyo, Japan, Kamome Propeller Co. was founded in 1924 and has been designing and manufacturing ship propellers and control systems for around a century. The company developed its first controllable-pitch propeller in 1961 and expanded its range to include side thrusters within the next few years. Kamome Propeller Co.’s head office is now in Yokohama, Japan.

Today, Kamome propulsion products include gate rudder systems, flap rudders, propellers, and thrusters. With a focus on expert design and optimal efficiency, Kamome thrusters contribute to a more energy-efficient system overall, which reduces carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions for a more environmentally-friendly vessel.

The company’s philosophy of continuous improvement and innovation ensures that Kamome thrusters are designed with customer needs in mind, which includes the pressing concerns of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Kamome propulsion systems are used in a wide variety of vessels, ranging from cargo and container ships to passenger vessels and fishing boats. With a reputation for excellent design and a forward-looking philosophy, Kamome has earnt its stellar industry reputation.