Propulsion service for Kawasaki & spare parts

RM Propulsion can supply spare parts for your Kawasaki thrusters, as well as offering maintenance, repairs, and consultation services. Contact us today to discuss your Kawasaki propulsion system.

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Thruster spare parts

Also we supply a range of compatible thruster spare parts such as:

  • Kawasaki KT 72-B3 thruster spares
  • Kawasaki KT 88-B3 thruster spares
  • Kawasaki KT 105-B3 thruster spares
  • Kawasaki KT 130-B3 thruster spares
  • Kawasaki KT 157-B5 thruster spares
  • Kawasaki KT 255-B5 thruster spares
  • Kawasaki KST 200-ZF thruster spares
  • Contact us for more info about our spare parts range.

In addition to our spare parts for your Kawasaki thrusters, our propulsion technicians are always prepared to install them for you. You can count on our technical experience and knowledge to know your Kawasaki bow thrusters, tunnel thrusters and azimuth thrusters inside out.


Kawasaki Heavy Industries was founded in 1896 and is primarily known for making motorcycles, engines, and heavy equipment. The company’s roots date back to 1878, when Shozo Kawasaki set up his business in Tokyo.

Known for its proprietary Kawasaki Hybrid Propulsion System, which offers great flexibility through the mutual conversion of propulsion and electric power, the company has long boasted a strong focus on innovation. Kawasaki thrusters are known for their world-class performance and can be found on vessels throughout the shipping and marine industry worldwide.

As a global leader in marine machinery, Kawasaki propulsion products include a full range of thrusters, propellers, control systems, and more. The company’s dedication to staying up-to-date with the ever-evolving market enables them to provide both their customers and the industry at large with the latest technological innovations, offering new solutions to age-old challenges.

As technology continues to develop at speed, Kawasaki marine solutions will remain a reliable industry partner for the foreseeable future.