Service for Rolls Royce Thrusters

For the life of the vessel, it is important to have your Rolls Royce thrusters serviced every 5 years. This prevents high future costs and allows the vessel to operate safely again.

Your Rolls Royce propulsion system is in good hands with RM Propulsion. From spare parts to full overhauling, we have years of experience in maintaining Rolls Royce thruster systems.

If you need advice or help with any issues, or would like to book an overhaul, contact us now.

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Also we supply a range of compatible thruster spare parts such as:

  • Rolls Royce Kamewa TT 1650
  • Rolls Royce Kamewa TT 1850
  • Rolls Royce Kamewa TT 2000
  • Rolls Royce Kamewa TT 2200
  • Rolls Royce Ulstein 45 TV
  • Rolls Royce Ulstein 90 TV
  • Rolls Royce Ulstein 150 TV
  • Rolls Royce Ulstein 250 TV
  • Rolls Royce Ulstein 375 TV
  • Rolls Royce Ulstein T 24
  • Rolls Royce Ulstein TCNS 73-50
  • Rolls Royce Aquamaster US 155 FP
  • Contact us for more info about our spare parts range.

Rolls Royce

Henry Royce established his electrical and mechanical business in 1884, and the first Rolls Royce car was made in 1904. Since then, the company has built an unrivalled reputation across a range of engineering sectors – from luxury cars to aeroplane engines and marine propulsion technology. From its headquarters in London, Rolls Royce maintains an international reputation for technical excellence and premium quality.

Rolls Royce thrusters

Rolls Royce thrusters, are found on a wide variety of vessels around the world, specifically in naval and defence applications, but also including industrial and commercial industries. The highest-specification Rolls thrusters, waterjets and controllable-pitch propellers are optimised to reduce vibration, sound, and cavitation – key not only for naval vessels but also optimal for fishery platforms.

As respected leaders in the engineering space, Rolls Royce thruster and waterjet technology has contributed to research and development in naval innovations.

Rolls Royce marine propulsion solutions continue the company’s reputation for highly innovative, best-in-class engineering and maintain its status as a household name worldwide.