Keeping up to stay ahead

As technology evolves, we proactively monitor new developments in seal technology, materials innovation, engineering, and tools – keeping our engineers up to date and delivering the best service to you. Our company culture ensures that knowledge is always shared, which makes every RM Propulsion engineer an expert.

Creativity at work & Innovating for you

We aim to anticipate your needs. That’s why we decided to create our own stern tube seals – we develop new products and applications proactively to make sure we’re never complacent, and we’re always looking for ways to make your life easier.

Stern tube seal test facility

One way we’re doing this is with our new stern tube seal test facility, proudly invented and developed in-house.

Testing the boundaries

By creating an entire stern tube system for testing purposes, we’re able to simulate real conditions – including the action of waves and oil or water pressure – making our tests directly applicable to the real world and very comprehensive.

Never stop learning

One of the best ways to learn and carry out research is through experience in the field. We approach our work with a spirit of curiosity and innovation, and this proactive approach benefits both our industry partners and our customers.

EAL Oils

For example, we observed varying performance levels from EAL oils. Some work well, while others can cause very unexpected results. We wanted to understand what was going on, rather than simply replacing the oil or simply selling more products to customers.

This led to our research being published in Motorship exploring EALs in depth – giving our customers the chance to make an informed decision about their vessel, and contributing to a wider industry conversation.