EAL Oils

Our Ocean Seal® stern tube sealing rings made from FKM (commonly referred to as Viton®) are compatible with all conventional and synthetic oils. They are also compatible with EAL oils found in the table below.

Please note:

It is the responsibility of the lubricant manufacturer to provide the statement as to whether the following EAL oils are compliant under the Vessel General Permit (VGP). RM Propulsion does not guarantee these statements and takes no responsibility for such claims made by the manufacturer. Please consult the lubricant manufacturer for confirmation.

Mixing different oils is not permitted under international regulations.

Our stern tube seal spare parts are considered compatible with an EAL Oil lubricant under the following conditions:

  • Operating temperatures below 55 °
    The temperature noted in the table is for the stern tube bearing and forward seal oil temperature.
  • Water content 5%.
  • Water content in the oil within the stern tube.
  • Bio Max

    Manufacturer Lubricant
    BioMax™ BioMax™ 100
    BioMax™ 150


  • BP Castrol

    Manufacturer Lubricant
    BP Castrol Biostat 68
    Biostat 100

    Biostat 150

    Biostat 220

  • Chevron

    Manufacturer Lubricant


    Chevron Clarity Synthetic EA Gear Oil 100
    Clarity Synthetic EA Hydraulic Oil 68
      Clarity Synthetic EA Hydraulic Oil 100



  • Exxon Mobile

    Manufacturer Lubricant
    Exxon Mobile Mobil SHC Aware ST 100
    Mobil SHC Aware ST 220
  • Gulf Oil Marine

    Manufacturer  Lubricant
    Gulf Oil Marine  GulfSea BD Sterntube Oil 68
     GulfSeaBD Sterntube Oil 100
     GulfSea BD Sterntube Oil 220
  • Kluber

    EAL oil KLuber

    Manufacturer    Lubricant


    Kluber  Klüberbio RM2-100
     Klüberbio RM2-150
     Klüberbio EG2-100
     Klüberbio EG2-150
     Klüberbio RM8-100
  • Lukoil / Fuchs

    Manufacturer  Lubricant


    Lukoil (Fuchs) Plantosyn 68 HVI
    Plantogear 100
    Plantogear 150
  • Panolin/ shell

    EAL Panolin

    Manufacturer  Lubricant


    Panolin/Shell Shell PANOLIN S4 Gear EAL 68
    Shell PANOLIN S4 Stern Tube EAL 100
    Shell PANOLIN S4 Gear EAL 100
    Shell PANOLIN S4 Gear EAL 150
    Shell PANOLIN S4 Gear EAL 220


  • Shell


    Manufacturer  Lubricant
    Shell Naturelle S4 Stern Tube Fluid 100
    Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid 100
    Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid 150
  • RSC Bio Solutions

    Manufacturer    Lubricant


    RSC Bio Solutions  Envirologic GO 68
     Envirologic GO 100
     Envirologic GO 150
     Futerra HF 68
     Futerra HF 100
  • Lubmarine/ Total

    EAL oil Lubmarine

    Manufacturer  Lubricant
    Lubmarine/ Total Bioneptan HT 100
    Bioneptan 100
    Bioneptan 150
    Bioneptan 220


  • Vickers

    Manufacturer  Lubricant
    Vickers Hydrox Bio 68
    Hydrox Bio 100
    Hydrox Bio 150
    Hydrox Bio 220