Service for Nakashima thrusters

RM Propulsion engineers are experienced in servicing and repairing Nakashima propulsion systems. We also supply any necessary spare parts, and can offer you advice and guidance on any issues with your Nakashima thrusters.

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Also we supply a range of compatible thruster spare parts such as:

  • Nakashima TFN-400
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Founded in 1926 as Nakashima Foundry in Okayama City, Japan, Nakashima Propeller Co. has been specialising in propellers and propulsion systems since 1930. Still run by a family member, Takayoshi Nakashima, the company maintains its headquarters in Okayama City and continues its long history of quality design and engineering. The company took up its new name of Nakashima Propeller Co. in 2009, and has a footprint across Asia including locations in Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore in addition to its home in Japan.

Nakashima focuses on fixed- and controllable-pitch propellers, electric propulsion systems, thrusters, and rudders. The company also makes energy-saving devices that can be added to the overall system to reduce energy consumption and improve sustainability.

As an essential part of a vessel, Nakashima thrusters are designed and manufactured based on advanced modelling and CFD simulation to predict performance and ensure optimal design. Nakashima propulsion products are created through the combination of craftsmanship with digital technology, ensuring that high quality, thoughtful design remains up to date.

Thanks to its innovative products and focus on engineering excellence, Nakashima is a respected and trusted partner for many in the marine and shipping industries.