Propulsion service for Kamewa & spare parts

For the life of the vessel, it is vital to have your Kamewa thrusters serviced every 5 years. This will avoid expensive upcoming costs and allow the vessel to function safely again. RM Propulsion is your partner for vessel repair and maintenance of your Kamewa propulsion system and many other brands.

RM Propulsion services include full support for Kamewa thrusters and propulsion systems. Contact us for advice, repairs, spare parts or overhauling today.

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Thruster spare parts

Also we supply a range of compatible Kamewa thruster spare parts such as:

  • Kamewa TT 1650 thruster
  • Kamewa TT 1850 thruster
  • Kamewa TT 2000 thruster
  • Kamewa TT 2200 thruster

Besides our spare parts for your Kamewa thrusters, our propulsion technicians are ready to perform their installation for you. Rely on our extensive technical knowledge to fully understand your Kamewa thruster systems. Contact us for more info about our spare parts range.


The company that manufactures Kamewa thrusters today is Kongsberg Maritime, but the brand was created by KMW, a Swedish company founded in 1860 that later changed its name to Kamewa. This long history has made Kamewa one of the most well-known and trusted brands in the industry.

Products include a variety of pumps, propellers and waterjets, including the Kamewa Advanced Propulsion Systems (APS) Waterjet. The brand is well known as a leading pioneer and advocate of waterjet technology, and has played a significant role in popularising the technology for high-speed vessels.

Thanks to a long history of innovation and expertise, Kamewa looks set to remain a trusted name within the industry for many years.