The stern tube seal spare parts on your vessel need to be overhauled every five years during dry-dock maintenance. Checking and replacing these seals is crucial to prevent leakage and emergency repairs while the vessel is at sea.

Ocean Seal® Type approved Stern tube seal

Our Ocean Seal® is Type approved and is made in Europe to our own high specifications. For the stern tube seals we are using FKM (commonly referred to as Viton®) or HNBR (commonly referred to as Perbunan S®).

Stern tube seal spare parts compatibility

Our stern tube seal spare parts are compatible with all common maker systems. The materials we use for our stern seals are suitable for both EAL oils and mineral oil. They fit lip seal systems of all major brands of oil-lubricated systems, including air seals.

What we offer

What is a stern tube?

The tube that directs the propeller shaft from inside the vessel to the outside is known as the stern tube. It contains sleeve bearings to carry the propeller shaft, and these bearings can be lubricated with either oil or water depending on the design.

What are stern tube seals for?

The stern tube passes from inside the vessel to the outside below the waterline. This means it must be sealed to prevent water from entering the hull and to prevent oil from leaking out of the stern tube. Seawater damages the stern tube bearings, and oil pollutes the environment.